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family first.

Dudley’s Dew-Right Tree & Mulch is family owned and operated. Our mission is to make sure that our customers feel like family and trust us like family. We are dedicated to our customers and want them to feel satisfied with the services we provide. If they are not completely satisfied, we will make sure that we do what we can to make it right!

Meet Dudley

Dudley was born and raised in Denison, Iowa with his parents and 3 siblings. He grew up on a farm and helped his dad out for quite some time. He attended trade school in Council Bluffs and earned his commercial pilot certificate. He was a flight instructor, charter pilot, aircraft mechanic, then a part time farmer for a while.

It took him a while to find his true passion, but 10 years ago he started his own company, Dudley’s Dew-Right Tree & Mulch and has the luxury of serving Lincoln and surrounding areas with tree services, mulch services, and other commercial services. He is now a certified arborist and a member of the National Arborist Association. Him and his wife Donna also own a self-storage business, Eagle’s Nest Self Storage.

Dudley and Donna have 4 lovely children, Ben, Jess, Brad, and Jacob, as well as 10 beautiful grandchildren!

Two of Dudley’s sons, Brad and Jacob, have been helping with the company for multiple years. Brad is a certified arborist and helps with day-to-day operations on the tree and mulch crews. Jacob graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and handles the finances and manages the office.

More Services

Still Haven’t Treated Your Ash Tree? There Is Still Time!

December 17, 2019

Emerald Ash Borer is here and if you haven’t already treated, talk to us today! Injections are $12 each and we can advise you on your tree treatment.  GET A FREE QUOTE MULCH DELIVERIES AND INSTALLATION SEASON IS ALMOST OVER CONTACT US TODAY! Stay updated with us by SUBSCRIBING to our newsletter!

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Acreage Clearing

June 15, 2019

Do you have an acreage that needs to be cleaned up? Dudley’s Dew-Right can help! From tree lines to tree clearing for a new-build project, we have the heavy equipment and expertise. Call or email us today to get your free quote! READ MORE

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Severe Weather

May 15, 2019

Has your property been affected by the spring storms? Well, we are here to help! Our equipment can take care of almost any tree removals or tree trimming needed from the storm damage! MULCH SPECIALS READ MORE

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Used Our Mulch Blower, Yet?

April 15, 2019

Mulch Pricing Tree Trimming & Removal Ready to get things cleaned up for Spring? We have the equipment for your large tree project, whether it’s tree removal or trimming. Call for a FREE estimate!  READ MORE

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Mulch Season

March 11, 2019

Spring is finally here and mulching has begun throughout the area in preparation for the cleanup and Spring landscaping prep. We have a wide assortment of mulch colors, including our new Gold color. READ MORE

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