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Installation Services

Dudley's Dew-Right

The only Company in Nebraska with Two 60-yard Mulch Blower trucks.

Mulch installation with our Mulch Blower trucks servicing the Lincoln, Omaha, Seward, and surrounding areas!

Whether you need 8 yards installed or 200 yards installed, we have trucks and crews to meet your needs. Our two Express Blower® trucks have advanced technology that gets rid of the hassle of wheelbarrows, and doesn’t damage your landscape! With 400 feet of hose at our advantage, we are able to get jobs done in less time and labor, at a much lower cost!

There are many factors that determine the price of installing much, from the size and location of the mulch bed to the quantity of mulch needed.

If you are interested in picking up mulch or having it delivered, see our prices below.

Terraseeding/Soil Application

What is Terraseeding? Terraseeding is a patented process by the inventors of the Express Blower truck and is the application of blowing topsoil/compost and injecting seed directly into the blower air stream. The Express Blower truck allows us to calibrate the seed rate so the right amount of seed is used. This can be calibrated based on the seed type and application rate. The seed being placed precisely into the topsoil/compost increases the germination rates because of the moisture retention of the compost preventing the seed from drying out. If you have any questions about why terraseeding outperforms Hydroseeding, call us and we can walk you through it!

Soil Applications:

  • Here are a few other areas where our blower truck can help you!
    Lawn leveling
  • Soil amending
  • Erosion control
  • Top-dressing existing lawns

Mulch Installation with our Mulch Blower Truck

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