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Fall is the time to trim those trees!


NOW is the time to get those trees trimmed or even removed, if necessary. Leaves are beginning to turn and drop and it’s an easy time to recognize dead limbs, and problem areas on a tree before they become an issue during the cold season. The recent storm created some damage, as well. Get your tree cleaned up and healthy now for recovery over the winter months and spring growth!


Cooler day and evening temperatures have arrived and the days are getting shorter, once again. Fall has arrived! Did you know our blower trucks not only install mulch but can also be used to install topsoil and compost? Our truck also has a supplemental injection system which allows us to add seed to the installation process! This process is called Terraseeding®️. You can learn more about the process, HERE. Still, have questions or need a quote? Reach out today! Take a look and learn more about some of the benefits of this method below:

  • One-step process (seed is “planted” when installed)
  • Helps with erosion control
  • Helps with weed control
  • Quicker germination
  • Thicker/fuller lawn

Click the image below to watch the process in action!


What happens to a tree during fall?

When the days grow shorter, chlorophyll dies off and other chemicals become the main source of color. At the same time, the tree starts to grow a layer of scar tissue at the bottom of each leaf’s stem. Over time, the connection between the leaf and the tree weakens enough that the wind or gravity pulls the leaf down.


We manufacture our own mulch! We offer bulk delivery and pickups at our yard. Call today for pricing, at 402-421-0870.
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