Dudley’s Dew Right Express Mulch Blower System

In our last blog, we went over the many benefits mulch can add to your landscape. At Dudley’s, we utilize mulching technology that is unique to our company. Behold, the Dudley’s Dew Right Express Mulch Blower Truck!

Mulch Blower

The traditional technique of putting down mulch involves hauling the product in the bed of a truck to the job site, shoveling it from the truck into wheelbarrows, wheeling the wheelbarrows across a landscape, and then dumping and placing the product. It’s a labor-intensive process that frankly takes much longer than it needs to. Not only that, it leaves the mulch clumpy and uneven on the ground, and holds potential to damage existing landscaping in the process.

Dudley’s Dew Right Services uses a state of the art mulch blower system, which eliminates several steps in the traditional mulching process. Our system allows our crews to finish jobs faster and ultimately save you money. The mulch blower system also allows for a cleaner, more consistent, even application than traditional mulching, which will keep your soil healthier and your landscape tidier in the end.

Dudley’s Dew Right Services also provides high-quality mulch that you won’t find at the store or from our competitors. We use the trees that we remove to make our own mulch- it’s put through a grinder, naturally aged, and then dyed to create a quality, one-of-a-kind product. Available colors include black, coffee brown, natural, dark brown, and red, but if you have another color in mind, we’ll happily customize a color to meet your landscape needs.

Our mulch is an all-natural, nitrogen-rich product that provides soil with the nutrients it needs to thrive. To read about the other benefits mulch provides, check out our previous blog here.

Gone are the days (and money…and time) of mulching your landscape with a pair of gloves and a wheelbarrow. Dudley’s Dew Right Express Mulch Blower System is a convenient, money-saving way to improve the quality of your soil and give your landscape the flare it needs. Dudley’s offers free estimates with no obligation, so contact us today!

Benefits of Using Mulch in Your Landscaping


“Mulching” is the act of placing protective (usually decomposing, organic) materials on top of bare soil and around plants, and it’s one of the best things you can do for your yard, garden, or landscape. It seems the benefits of using mulch are endless, but we’ll focus on the big ones:

  • Inhibits weed growth and germination. Weeds are not only unsightly, they hog nutrients, water, and sunlight from the plants that you actually intend to grow. Adding mulch to your landscape keeps weeds from receiving the sunlight they need to survive. Mulch creates a physical barrier that most weeds do not have enough energy to sprout through.
  • Retains moisture. Mulch acts as a sponge- it stores water for the soil beneath it to use when necessary. Again, mulch acts as a physical barrier for soil as well, which limits evaporation and keeps soil hydrated in hot, dry conditions. Mulch can keep you from having to water your landscaping as much, which keeps your wallet and the environment happy!
  • Protects from temperatures fluctuations. During the winter, a layer of mulch protects plant roots from frost-heaving, in which plants are literally pushed out of the ground by the natural expansion and contraction of the soil as it cools off and heats up. During the summer, mulch keeps plant roots from becoming overheated and damaged.
  • Prevents soil erosion. Mulch not only keeps soil hydrated, it protects it in times of excess precipitation. A barrier of mulch lessens the brunt of heavy rainfall and keeps soil from washing away.
  • Controls pests. Certain types of mulch contain various elements that can actually deter pests from your landscape. As organic mulches break down, they improve the chemistry of the soil which encourages the numbers of helpful bacteria, fungi, and insects. These helpful organisms help to fight off other harmful, destructive organisms. Additionally, some types of mulch, like cedar and cypress, contain natural oils and chemicals that deter bugs.
  • Encourages earthworms. As you can see, mulch can dramatically improve the quality of the soil beneath it. Earthworms are attracted to good, healthy soil, and every gardener knows that earthworms do wonders for a landscape through nutrient cycling.
  • Improves the look of your landscape. Lastly, adding mulch to your garden or landscape can drastically improve the way it looks. Filling in empty spaces with mulch will give your space a more complete, attractive appearance. Not only that, mulch is simple to care for and will never compete with other plants or landscape features.

Whether your soil needs some TLC or you’re just looking to enhance the look of your outdoor space, mulch is a great addition to any landscape. For expert mulch services that won’t disturb your landscape, contact Dudley’s Dew Right Services here!